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EMS provides a complete offering of customer support services. No matter which of our support services you choose to utilize for your program, EMS offers a solution for your program. We offer a variety of different strategies to help you achieve your goal. Methods of communication and support can vary widely for each unique program. Different goals need to be addressed with different customer support strategies. Many of our clients take advantage of multiple support strategies to provide superior service for their end-users.  


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    Inbound / Outbound Abilities

    EMS Service Representatives are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Your customers can reach a representative and receive the support they need when it fits their schedule.

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    Email / Text Solutions

    Some customers are more willing to send an email asking their question than to pick up the phone. EMS has a robust email management system to streamline your program’s support.

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    Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

    EMS offers a state-of-the-art Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution, whether you are looking for a front-end IVR system to direct your callers or an IVR to completely support all calls.

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    FAQ / Knowledge Base Maintenance

    Frequently Asked Questions and Knowledge Bases are keys to providing preemptive customer service and answering your customers’ questions before they need to contact you.

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    Live Chat

    Your website visitors can get immediate live assistance from one of our Service Representatives via live webchat. All EMS services are available for live chat.

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    Preemptive Chat

    When a customer on your web site has been on a page for a predetermined length of time, we can preemptively pop a window asking if they would like to chat with a representative.

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    Web Call Back / Co-Browsing Services

    While perusing your web site, your customers may become thoroughly interested in your product or service or have an urgent question arise.

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    Social Networking

    When responding to social networks, you can interact with customers in near real-time and on a personal level. Ensuring these responses drive resolution is vital.

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    Forum Monitoring

    Do people post questions on your web site, talk about your product on discussion sites, or discuss your company on industry sites? It is imperative to have these sites monitored.

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    Foreign Languages

    Internal support is currently provided in English, Spanish, German and French. Approximately 9 percent of the EMS staff is bilingual. Additional resources can be added.

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