Working directly with our clients, we create a distinctive customer care solution which optimizes end user satisfaction. Whatever your needs are, we will design a customized program to achieve your customer and company goals.

Loyal customers are an essential piece of any company’s success. Since EMS focuses on giving our employees an exceptional place to work, we retain exceptional employees. The Representatives, in turn, provide superior service to your clients.

We provide a truly customized solution built to meet our clients’ needs. With this as our model, we are able to offer a wide variety of programs utilizing a wide variety of services.

A sampling of the CUSTOMER CARE offerings we provide are:
Need someone to assist your customers with inquiries, enroll in a program, or place an order? The customer service team at EMS is trained in the finer mechanics of service and are ready and willing to give your customers the service they are looking for.
Allow EMS to assist your customers with general company or product questions and answers.
Are you looking for a Direct Response solution? If your customers want to buy from you but are unsure of ordering online, EMS offers you a cost effective solution.
Our outbound customer service offerings complement the inbound customer service services. If an inbound caller requires a call back, the same Customer Service Agent can make an outbound call to follow up and ensure your client’s needs are attended to.
EMS offers sales at a variety of levels. We sell products and services with a wide range of price points.
Looking to gather information on a particular topic? EMS can help. We develop dynamic and responsive survey systems to quickly and efficiently gather all the information needed.
Inbound appointment setting is a critical aspect of business. When you have people wanting to do business with you, it is vital it is an easy and positive experience for them.
Each of the numerous lead qualification programs EMS supports is set up to achieve the specific goals of the program.
When running a promotion, you are looking to achieve specific goals and most likely, generate leads or increase sales.
Some support programs require a customer interaction to trigger a fulfillment follow up action. This can vary depending on program.

Looking to increase customer loyalty?
Increase customer satisfaction scores? Or increase sales? 

EMS provides the premier customer support for your program!