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How to Find Happiness in the Work Place

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What? Are you telling me that not everyone loves their job? No way! We simply can’t believe it. According to a 2014 report by the Conference Board, a New York-based nonprofit research group, 52.3% of people are unhappy at work. Over half of the people sitting at the office or working in the drive thru right now are not pleased …

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How Social Media is a Growing Force in Customer Service

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  In today’s world, everything is fast paced. Consumers want fast responses, fast service, fast answers and even fast food. Companies have started using social media to their advantage when it comes to this fast pace want. Post a video or photo on a social media site and it will spread like wildfire, going viral in a matter of hours …

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5 Quick Tips for Customer Service Representatives

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Being a good customer service representative (CSR) is an art, but an obtainable one. It takes patience, finesse, understanding, empathy and much more. It also takes technical and organizational skills to effectively balance the needs of both the customer and the company. There are many ways to become a successful customer service representative and it starts with training. It takes …

EMS Offers Many Call Center Solutions  

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EMS, Inc. is a company located in Omaha, Nebraska dedicated to delivering top quality customer service solutions to a variety of companies and industries across the nation.  We focus on customized support solutions for programs of any size and complexity. This flexibility and customization allows for the continued success of the support programs. When a solution is built for you …

2016 Technology ROI Winner

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We are incredibly proud to have been announced the 2016 winner of the Technology ROI award for implementation of Interactive Intelligence with an ROI of 2029%. Thank you to everyone who helped us achieve this outstanding honor. We could’t have done it without you. For more information about the award, click below: NUCLEUS RESEARCH ANNOUNCES WINNERS OF ANNUAL TECHNOLOGY ROI AWARDS   …

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Social Media Customer Service is Crucial

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Over the weekend you get a new idea to take up horseback riding with your daughter. After several minutes of researching quality training facilities in the area, you find one just outside of the city with only regular weekday hours. With no high expectations to hear back from said company during their off hours, you send a quick Facebook message …

Why a Long-Term Partnership with Your Call Center is Key to your Company’s Success

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Like many relationships, the more you get to know the person or business, the more you can benefit from the information you are obtaining. Over the years we’ve found that the longer we work with a customer, the more we begin to understand each other and work together effectively to achieve long-term goals and success. We start by accessing the …