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5 Quick Tips for Customer Service Representatives

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Being a good customer service representative (CSR) is an art, but an obtainable one. It takes patience, finesse, understanding, empathy and much more. It also takes technical and organizational skills to effectively balance the needs of both the customer and the company. There are many ways to become a successful customer service representative and it starts with training. It takes time, but with the right team you can be on your way to offering an excellent customer service experience to anyone!

If you are currently a CSR or are looking to go into this field, here are a few tips for becoming great at your job. You may already utilize some of these skills or admire people that do. You might even have more tips to share with us. If you do, feel free to join in the conversation on our Facebook page. We’d love to get your feedback. Keep up the great work and, as always, let us know if there is anything we can help you with.

Tips for Call Center Customer Service Reps  

  1. Put yourself in the caller’s shoes. Never forget that the person on the line is a human being looking for your help. There is a reason you called them or they called you. Quickly get to the reasons and start problem solving. Sometimes all anyone wants it someone to listen to their issue, offer help and empathy. Showing true understating of their situation will get you far.
  1. Stay upbeat, friendly and positive. Try to maintain a positive attitude even if the caller on the other line is getting upset. Be authentic and understating. Remember, of course, to do what you were taught in training. If the call gets to an uncomfortable level, ask a supervisor for assistance.
  1. Never stop learning. There are many opportunities to learn and grow in this field. You can pick up on things from other people in the business or take a class to expand your horizons. It’s also a great idea to read a book or two about customer service skills and how to best utilize those abilities to further your career. These things can help you more than you might know!
  1. Take helpful advice from others. This goes along with tip #3. There are so many things you can learn simply by taking advice from someone who has experienced it before. Team collaboration and a positive work environment can stimulate this type of positive work. A great work atmosphere with co-workers and supervisors you can turn to is crucial.
  1. Clear communication skills are a must! One of the worse things a CSR can do is communicate poorly. If you talk too fast or say things in a way that confuses the caller, you might be doing more damage than good. But it’s not the end of the world if you have a habit of getting away with your words, it’s just something you have to work on. It’s important that you communicate strongly, clearly and with confidence. If there is something you do not know, don’t be afraid to tell the person on the other end that you need a moment to find out. Honesty is always the best option.

We know there are many ways to deliver exceptional customer service. These are just a few to keep in mind. Do you have any tips to share? Please do! We look forward to hearing from you. Keep up the good work, fellow CSRs. If you are in the Omaha area, we are currently hiring inbound customer service agents. Feel free to visit us online at Omaha Careers at EMS for more information and to apply today.