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Benefits of Call-Back Technology

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The waiting is the hardest part…” -Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

It isn’t every day we can squeeze a Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers song into a blog about customer service, but they nailed it with the lyrics for “The Waiting.” When it comes to offering an optimal customer experience, your customers’ wait time is certainly something you consider frequently. Nobody likes to wait, but we’ve all been there. That’s why it’s not hard to imagine how your customers feel when they are put on hold. Anything longer than a few minutes feels like an eternity and could result in call center agents getting an earful or land your business’ name in a negative post on social media. Luckily, call-back technology allows call centers to give customers the ability to opt-out of sitting on hold and instead have an agent call them back at a later time.

Benefits of Call-Back Technology

Improve the CX

The ever-important customer experience is something that should never get too far from your mind. Your CX sends a message to your customers- whether intentionally or not. Offering your customers the opportunity to opt for a call-back rather than imprisoning them with long hold times sends the message that you respect your customers’ time. Call-back technology allows your customers to regain some control over the situation, ultimately resulting in higher satisfaction.

Lower abandon rates

Long hold times generally ques the beginning of a vicious cycle that involves higher rates of abandoned calls and repeat calls, and usually results in dissatisfied customers. Call-backs have been shown to reduce abandonment rates by 32%, and typically result in increased FCR (first call resolution)- something you and your customers can appreciate.

Reduce call volume spikes

In any line of business, there are peak volume periods- it’s no different in a call center. Budget may not allow the call center to staff enough agents to cover that volume, but callback technology can help to smooth out those peak times, resulting in a more efficient and positive working environment.

Decreased handle time

While your customer is waiting on hold, what do you suppose they’re thinking about? It’s probably not about how much they’re enjoying your hold music with the occasional “your call is very important to us” message dropped in. Customers can quickly become frustrated while waiting on hold, and guess who is typically the recipient of that frustration: the call center agent. With a call-back, the agents can skip the frustration and anger and delve directly into resolving the customer’s initial reason for the call.

Call-back technology isn’t just a sanity-saver for customers, it can also increase call center efficiency and reduce stress for call center agents.

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