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7 Important Life Skills You Learn While Working in a Call Center

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When you look at the people who achieve the greatest success in any service industry, the common thread between them all is a servant’s mindset. They don’t focus on what they have to gain from any situation, rather, their approach is one of adding value for others. That being said, there are some valuable things you stand to gain when you work in a call center. The life skills you learn while working in a call center are foundational skills you can take with you wherever you go.

7 Important Life Skills You Learn While Working in a Call Center

Empathy first

Empathy is a natural skill for some people, but for others, it’s a muscle that needs regular conditioning. As humans, we’re hard-wired to think about our needs and feelings before others; it’s one of our remaining survival mechanisms. When you’re working in a call center, or anywhere in customer service, being able to dial your empathy up from the moment you clock in will allow you to better serve the customers that cross your path. The ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes is the integral first step to offering service.

Efficiency is a form of respect

In the rushed world we live in, time is a valuable commodity. The ultimate way to show respect for someone is by valuing their time as much as they do. Focus on delivering accurate and helpful solutions as efficiently as possible. Today’s technology enables call center agents to provide superior support.

Managing expectations is vital

Generally speaking, people are less enraged when they know to expect some bumps in the road. It’s always better to under-promise and over-deliver. Managing expectations is a life skill that is applicable to any career, relationship, or endeavor you may ever take on in the future.

Listen to understand- not argue

When was the last time you truly listened to someone? We mean actually just listened to what they had to say, without silently planning your response in your head? Many of us have a difficult time simply listening to those around us. If you can simply listen for the purposes of understanding, you can approach any issue from a more helpful place. Learn to listen to understand and you’ll be amazed by the impact it has on your relationships.

Failure is one of life’s great teachers

Customer service involves dealing with so many variables outside of your control. Even if you follow protocol perfectly, there will be times when you simply fail. Perhaps it was a judgment call that simply should’ve gone the other way or an oversight you made while you were busy. Failures happen, and everyone can agree, they’re unpleasant. But, they’re powerful. Failure is the best teacher because you remember it, and if you care about the quality of work you do, you learn from it.

Gratitude is always welcome

Saying “thank you” is always a good idea. Thank people for their time, for their input, for their assistance. You can always find something to be grateful for, and practicing gratitude is a precursor to a healthy and happy life.

You can choose to excel

There’s a difference between doing your job and doing it well. Sure, you could get by doing the bare minimum, but why strive for greatness? We aren’t suggesting that you need to go to extravagant lengths, we mean doing something as simple as working in a more positive greeting when you answer your phone calls or handling tough situations with extra grace. For more ideas on how to excel in a call center, check out this blog.

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