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Practicing gratitude in the workplace

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With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s the season for words like “grateful” and “thankful.” Though it’s easy to practice gratitude when sitting around a turkey-bedecked table, surrounded by loved ones, gratitude isn’t just for Thanksgiving. In fact, practicing gratitude daily is a great way to bring positivity and joy to your life- even in the workplace.

Why practice gratitude in the workplace? Studies link focusing on gratitude to higher job satisfaction, increased employee motivation and loyalty, and increased synergy among teams. With heavy-hitting benefits like that, it’s hard to overlook such a simple workplace hack- especially when it costs little to nothing. If you’re interested in bringing a gratitude practice to your workplace, keep reading for our favorite tips.

Practicing gratitude in the workplace

Start at the top

When it comes to the workplace, few people have a larger impact on employee morale than the leaders. Although a gratitude practice can be revolutionary on an individual, personal level, for it to make waves through a company, it should be embraced and practiced at the top. When the leaders practice gratitude, it doesn’t take long to trickle down.

Write it out

One of the best ways to practice gratitude is to make a list every day of the things in your workplace that you’re grateful for. Aim for 5, to begin with, and write them every day, even if some days feel like a stretch and all you can muster is “free coffee in the break room.” Over time, you’ll notice your mindset begins to change. When you’re looking for things to write down, you’ll begin to find them in unexpected places.

Share it

The best thing about a grateful outlook is that it’s contagious. Why not make use of an under-utilized bulletin board or whiteboard to allow employees to share the things that brought them joy that day? Or perhaps start your standing meetings by going around the group and sharing something positive?

Say thank you- and mean it

Appreciation is a powerful motivator. Employees that feel appreciated tend to be more perform better and work more productively. If you see something positive in one of your co-workers, teammates, or employees, let them know. Everyone loves to hear that the things they do make a positive impact.

When you focus on gratitude, you’re less likely to be fixated on minor annoyances and more likely to seek out the good in situations- even the difficult ones. A daily gratitude practice can completely change your outlook and give your attitude a boost.

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