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5 Ways We Prepare for the Holiday Rush

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When the pumpkin spice lattes begin to make a resurgence and the air begins to chill, it can only mean one thing: the holiday rush is coming. Depending upon your life, that can mean different things. Those of us in the call center game recognize the holiday rush as a period of time during the 4th quarter marked with increased call volume, frazzled customers, and potential catastrophe if you fail to correctly prepare.

There are many things we do behind the scenes to get a jump on the frantic holiday rush. Doing the work to prepare for the expected holiday call spikes and increased agent hours can help ensure that you (and your clients) have a happy holiday season.

5 Ways We Prepare for the Holiday Rush

Staff appropriately

When you have a predictable “busy season,” bulking up your staff well in advance is vital. Agent turnover is a real issue in the call center world, and you won’t want to end up short-staffed at your busiest time. It’s important to plan your hiring process to afford you enough time to adequately train your new hires. Equipping your newest employees with the knowledge they need to do their job well from the beginning can not only make a big impact for the customers they’ll help, but for their overall job satisfaction.

(Psst… if you’re curious about identifying which candidates would be most successful in your call center, check out this blog.)

Train your team

Even when you’re working with an experienced team, it’s important to offer refresher training to be sure everyone is on the same page. Covering frequently asked questions, potential issues that might arise, and practices and procedures can save agents time as they work to resolve issues.

Review historical data

By reviewing the historical data, you can predict call volume and determine any patterns that may have emerged in the past. Looking back at previous data can inform your strategy for this year and help you make smart decisions.

Set customer’s expectations

Nobody wants to be caught off guard with unexpected wait times. When we can predict delays or problems, it’s important to let customers know upfront. Offering the option of a call back can help smooth out spikes resulting in happier customers and less-stressed agents.

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