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Crafting an Exceptional Post-Purchase Customer Experience

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When it comes to creating a thoughtful customer experience, a bulk of the effort goes into making the purchasing process exceptional. It makes sense- after all, making sales is the driving force behind most businesses efforts. However, if you’re being thoughtful about the post-purchase customer experience, you could be short-changing yourself and your customers. Acquiring new customers is always more costly than retaining current customers, and having a solid post-purchase plan in place can help you turn your current fans into super-fans.

Today, let’s pay a little bit of attention to the often-overlooked post-purchase customer experience.

Crafting an Exceptional Post-Purchase Customer Experience

Keep in touch

Your customer’s purchase should deploy a series of post-purchase communication. The things you communicate to your customer will vary based on your product or your service, but it should always begin with a “thank you.” This shows your gratitude for their business, and in e-commerce, it serves as a confirmation that you received their order and it is being processed.

After that initial “thank you,” there are many options for additional ways to reach out to your customers. You could send them discounts for relevant products or product guides and care tips, to ensure they know how to properly use and maintain their newest purchase. Consider how you can add value; what can you give your customer that will benefit them?

If your product or service is in some way perishable, consider sending your customers replenishment reminders. This is a fairly simple way to increase the chances of repeat purchases and boost customer loyalty.

Ask for feedback

It’s never a bad idea to ask your customers how their experience was. Asking customers for their feedback is a great way to measure customer satisfaction and garner some insight into which areas could use improvement. Taking the time to ask for feedback shows customers that you value their opinion and are committed to making their experience a good one.

Consider the return process

You can’t please all of the people all of the time. A big part of having a solid post-purchase customer experience means carefully thinking about how to respond if your customers aren’t satisfied with their products. Inevitably, there will be a group of people who just aren’t your ideal customers. Consider your return and refund process and make your policies crystal clear during the purchasing process. This way, customers know exactly what to expect should they receive their product and need to return it. After all, is there anything worse than receiving a product that doesn’t meet your needs or expectations, and having to jump through hoops to return it?

Reward loyalty

This looks different for each business, but whenever possible, reward customer loyalty. This could mean giving coupons, reward points toward future purchases, VIP access to sales, or even offering free add-ons. The way you reward your customer’s loyalty should not only reflect your business values but also your customers’ values.

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