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How to Measure Customer Satisfaction Without Direct Feedback

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If you’re not measuring customer satisfaction, you’re probably missing out on some important data, which could lead to making uninformed decisions. Collecting and assessing your customers’ feedback is the only sure way to know that you’re headed down the right path. But what if you’re unable to collect this data from your customers? There’s no substitute for direct feedback when it comes to measuring customer satisfaction, however, there are a few metrics you can key into to gain valuable insight.

Here are a few things to watch to give you some insight into what your customers might be trying to tell you.

How to Measure Customer Satisfaction Without Direct Feedback


If you have a website, you can use the data from the analytics as an indicator of success. Metrics to track include overall website traffic, how long users are spending on your website, the bounce rate, and what kind/how many purchases are being made. You can also narrow down your customers’ interests based on what kind of content generates the most views, purchases, and comments or reviews.

Social media

Your social media platforms not only provide you with an exceptional opportunity to connect and communicate with your customers, but it’s also a great way to measure your customer satisfaction. Your rates of shares, likes, and engagement are great satisfaction yardsticks- and they don’t require anything on your customer’s end other than the click of a mouse.

Online alerts

Google alerts is a great way to find out what is being said about your business online. Google will send an email anytime it finds new content that matches your search term. It’s also a good idea to get into the habit of regularly checking review sites. Yelp and Google Business Reviews can let you know if anyone is talking about your business.

Step into customer’s shoes

Every once in a while, it can be helpful to step into the customer’s shoes. Try viewing your business from their perspective; make a purchase, call your customer service, use your website as a potential customer would. If you’re having trouble getting out of your own head and into your customer’s, ask a trusted friend or family member to give you an honest review.

Compare your results

Possibly the most obvious indicator of customer satisfaction is your overall results. How do your sales compare to last quarter’s?

These factors alone can’t give you a full picture of your customer satisfaction. Nothing beats direct feedback from your customers- but when used together, they can provide valuable insight.

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