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3 Major Benefits of Domestic Call Centers

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We may live in the age of a global economy, but the location of your call center is more important today than ever before. In recent years, we’ve seen many large companies make the decision to bring their call centers back to the US, after years of choosing foreign call centers. What is behind this trend? Is it here to stay?

3 Major Benefits of Domestic Call Centers

Fewer communication barriers

The most obvious benefit of using a U.S. based call center is the removal of the language barrier between the caller and the agent. According to a study conducted by the CFI Group, calls were only resolved 45% of the time when the customer reported that their agent was hard to understand. On the other hand, when call center agents were easily understood by their callers, 88% of the calls were resolved. In addition to higher resolution rates, domestic call centers also boast shorter call times, presumably because communication is simplified.

These two factors alone are enough to make a big impact on your customers. If a customer is experiencing issues with a product or a service, language barriers with customer service agents can add to their frustration and leave a lasting (and sometimes irreversible) negative impression.

Superior Customer Experience

Today, the customer experience is everything. Having agents that are easy to understand and are able to pick up on the nuances of the English language can go a long way in helping your customers feel valued and understood. U.S. based agents possess a cultural familiarity that just can’t be replicated by an agent overseas.

Resolving customer complaints and reversing negative experiences is a difficult enough task in itself. Providing your customers with the best agents possible is a vital part of providing a superior customer experience. 80% of domestic call center agents have some college education. As call center agents become more educated and experienced in the business realm, many are being entrusted with troubleshooting tasks that go much deeper than the cliche “hello, how can I help you today” role that they’ve traditionally served.


Keeping your call center close to home can mean increased flexibility. Should you need to scale your call center services or make changes, you can trust that it will be implemented right away.

As more companies experience increased customer satisfaction with their domestic call centers, it’s easy to see why this trend is here to stay.

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