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Finding the Opportunity in Every Customer Interaction

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Raving reviews, recommendations to friends, words of gratitude… these are all customer interactions every business strives for. It feels good to get the ‘thumbs up’ from your customers; like a reason to celebrate. But what about customer complaints? Have you ever read a scathing review, taken an angry phone call, or found negative feedback about your business online? Customer complaints can take the wind out of your sails, but if you’re looking at them the right way, you’ll see they’re just another chance to grow.

Positive or negative, every time a customer interacts with your business, you’ll find an opportunity.

Finding the Opportunity in Every Customer Interaction

The opportunity to grow

Customer complaints are a not-so-thinly veiled invitation (or rather, request) to grow. A customer complaint indicates that a mistake was made somewhere along the line. When your customers bring it to your attention, it’s your chance to make it right. With enough data, you can track trends and make the changes necessary to avoid similar future mistakes. Tending to customer complaints not only tells your customers that you’re listening and that you care, it also gives you the opportunity to fix your mistakes for future customers.

The opportunity to connect

The way you respond to your customers can either delight or disappoint. When they reach out to you, whether they’re asking for help, voicing concerns, or celebrating your service or product, a friendly and prompt response can go a long way toward forging the type of connection that leads to brand loyalty. Responding to your customers humanizes your brand and can open the doors to further communication. In an era of technology, a little bit of personal connection can really help your business stand out from the crowd.

The opportunity to learn

It’s the not-so-secret secret that thriving businesses use to their advantage: let your customer’s desires guide your business. What exactly is it that your customers want? You may think you know, but until you hear from them, any guess you have is exactly that- a guess. Inviting your customers to give you feedback can serve as a road map toward your future success. Customer suggestions can spur new product or service ideas, methods for streamlining your process, and communication tactics.

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