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4 Reasons Callback Technology is Essential in a Call Center

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If you’ve ever decided to skip lunch at your favorite restaurant after seeing the line stretch around the side of the building, you can easily imagine how your customers feel when they are put on hold. Customers’ tolerance for wait times is getting shorter and shorter. Anything longer than a few minutes feels like an eternity and could result in call center agents getting an earful or land your business’ name in a negative post on social media. Luckily, callback technology allows call centers to give customers the ability to opt-out of sitting on hold and instead have an agent call them back at a later time.

Callback technology isn’t just a sanity-saver for customers, it can also increase call center efficiency and reduce stress for call center agents. Here are 4 reasons callback technology is essential in a call center.

4 Reasons Callback Technology is Essential in a Call Center

Customer Retention

Like we eluded to before, customers really don’t like waiting to speak with a call center agent. There is a certain element of being placed on hold that feels a little bit like a hostage situation. Callback technology allows your customers to regain some control over the situation, ultimately resulting in higher satisfaction.

Decreased Call Abandonment Rate

Long hold times generally ques the beginning of a vicious cycle that involves higher rates of abandoned calls and repeat calls, and usually results in dissatisfied customers. Callback technology decreases call abandonment rate and increases first-call resolution rates- a win for you and your customers.

Increased Call Center Efficiency

When an agent receives a callback request, they are able to access relevant information before calling the customer back. The agent now has the opportunity to focus all of his or her attention on this one customer, rather than worrying about who is on hold and how quickly they can resolve the next issue. This results in quicker resolution and increased overall customer satisfaction.

Smooth Out Call Center Spikes

As with many businesses, call centers can experience peak volume periods: certain hours of the day or even days of the week that tend to be busier than others. Budget may not allow the call center to staff enough agents to cover that volume, but callback technology can help to smooth out those peak times, resulting in a more positive working environment.

Offering callback technology results in happier customers, increased agent efficiency, and a more positive call center environment in general.

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