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5 Steps for Successful Customer Interactions

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If you’re a call center agent, you know that life in a call center moves quickly. It can be easy to get lost in the day-to-day grind of jumping from one customer interaction to the next without giving it much thought. However, the job you have is an important one: you are the person who has the capability to humanize the brand you work for. The interactions customers have with you is what they will carry with them out into the world, long after the phone has been hung up or the final email has been sent. Your interactions hold so much power, so how do you make each one count?

The best way to bring your A-game to every customer interaction is to be intentional about the service you provide. How do you do that? Check out our 5 steps for successful customer interactions.

5 Steps for Successful Customer Interactions

1. Listen

The first step in a successful interaction is to listen actively to the customer, right from the start. Customers can sense when they’re speaking with someone who is distracted or rushed. Even if you’re sure you know exactly what they’re going to tell you 30 seconds into the conversation, listen and give the customer your full attention. Treat each interaction like it’s the most important thing on your plate at the moment- because it is. Although resolving the issue quickly is your objective, remember that the human interaction is another important aspect of your job also.

2. Empathize

The customer called you because something isn’t right. They’re likely feeling frustrated, or at very least, disappointed. Empathizing with them helps to build a connection and reinforce the human side of the brand you represent.

3. Gather accurate information

Is there anything more infuriating than being asked a question you’ve already answered? If you’ve done a good job of listening as the customer explained the issue they’re having, you’ll probably already have parts of the information you need. If more information is needed, ask questions at this point so you can begin troubleshooting for them.

4. Act

Once you’ve collected enough information from them to troubleshoot their problem, you can begin the process of resolving the issue. If you’re unable to resolve the issue right away, ask if you can contact them at a later time. Nobody likes being placed on hold for extended periods of time. Offering the customer the chance to get off of the phone and get on with their day while you work behind the scenes to resolve their problem shows them that you understand their time is valuable.

5. Collect feedback

Unlike surveys, which can easily be dismissed by customers, agents who have engaged with customers are in a very valuable position to attain feedback. Finding out what your company is doing right and what can be improved is an important step in the process, and can offer insight into possible changes that could be made.

It takes a special person to be an excellent call center agent, but by employing these 5 steps, you can put yourself on the path to success.

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