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How to Turn Around a Negative Customer Experience

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When you work in customer service, the only guarantee is that eventually, you will encounter a customer who has had a negative experience. Even the greatest businesses make mistakes or drop the ball from time to time, and although it’s an unfortunate event, the most important thing is how you respond. In fact, your response has the power the power to do more than simply resolve the customer’s issue, it could completely change the way they view your business.

Now, it goes without saying that nobody wants their customers to encounter issues. The world would be one big happy place if everything always went as expected and all of our processes worked together in perfect harmony. However, when your customer has a negative experience, it puts you in the unique position to make a big impact by not only resolving their problem, but by going the extra mile to ensure your customer’s satisfaction. How does that happen? Let’s take a look.

Listen and try to understand

Your first job is to simply listen to the customer. Ask any clarifying questions you may need to ask to gain a full understanding of the situation.


Always lead with empathy it’s one of the most important skills you’ll ever use in customer service. Try to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and imagine how you would feel. Better yet, imagine that person as your mother or grandmother and think about how you would want their problem to be managed.

Fix it

Find a way to make it right with the customer. In some situations, this will be pretty black and white, but in others, it may take some creative problem-solving. You may need to consult with your manager, depending upon the situation. The key is to act as quickly as you can.

Go above and beyond

Here’s where the magic happens: after you’ve fixed the problem, find a way to go beyond their expectations. It doesn’t need to be extravagant or expensive, just something simple to let them know you appreciate their patience and understanding. Discounts for future purchases, gift cards, or small freebies are all great options. These small tokens of appreciation tell your customers that you value their business, and you want them to come back.

When you rise above what is expected, you take your customer’s negative experience and give it a positive ending, one that they may be inclined to share with their friends.

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