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5 Customer Service Practices to Master on Social Media

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The customer service industry looks a whole lot different than it did 20 years ago, thanks almost entirely to social media. In fact, 1 in 3 social media users prefer social media customer care services to telephone or email. If your customer service doesn’t extend to your social media platforms, your brand could be missing out. Here are our top 5 tips for mastering the art of customer service on social media.

1. Timely responses

The digital age has made it easier than ever for your customers to reach out to you, but it’s also made it more difficult for them to await your response. Everyone knows how little time it takes to type out a quick comment on social media. When you make an effort to respond as quickly as possible to your customers it shows you care enough to respond. It’s always best if you can offer a quick fix in a public response to a comment, but in the event that an issue requires further investigation, respond to the customer with an invitation to direct message you on that social media platform. Don’t ask them to call an 800 number or send an email. They’ve chosen to reach out to you on a specific platform because that’s where they feel most comfortable.

2. Train the right representatives

Don’t task your group of young interns with with managing your customer service on social media just because they “get” social media. Think about it: your social media channels exist, in part, to elevate your brand’s visibility. You definitely want your best customer service employees on the front lines.

3. Personalize your responses

Social media offers an excellent opportunity to humanize your brand. Beginning your response with a warm “Hello [customer’s first name]” and closing it with a “Sincerely, [customer service agent name]” sends the signal that there are people behind your brand and that those people care about the people who use your brand.

4. Don’t ignore the positive posts

Sure, when you think “customer service,” you imagine dealing with customer complaints all day. While that is important, don’t forget to bask in the glow of the positive feedback, also. Responding to positive posts by re-tweeting, sharing, and thanking your customers amplifies the positive vibes and builds strong brand loyalty.

5. Respond to every customer engagement

Above all else, go out of your way to acknowledge your customers every time they engage with you. It can be something as simple as saying “thank you,” “we agree!” or clicking the like button. If your customers’ comments, posts, or remarks go unanswered, it can seem like your company is detached from its customers, or worse, indifferent. Don’t leave your customers wondering; let them know they’ve been heard.