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5 Ways to Reduce Call Center Turnover

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Anyone who has ever managed a call center knows that staff turnover is a constant issue, and anyone who has ever worked in a call center can probably tell you why. Undesirable working environments combined with monotonous tasks and the occasional (or more than occasional) angry customer can be a quick path to employee burnout. But does it have to be that way? Call center agents are responsible for handing your customer relationships, often times when they are at their most fragile. Making a few small changes and engaging in some proactive thinking can turn call center attrition around and keep your call center agents happy.

  1. Recruit the right employees.

The solution to call center attrition and turnover lies right at the beginning, in the recruitment and hiring process. Try to steer away from employees who are just looking for a job, and seek out those who are interested in a career. This can be accomplished through the language you use in your recruitment efforts and interview processes, and your general attitude toward your call center staff. Try replacing the word “job” with “profession” and see what kind of a difference it can make.

It’s also vital at this stage to set clear expectations for potential employees and give them an honest look at what they will encounter on a regular basis. Consider whether this candidate possesses the necessary skills to fulfill the position’s requirements and the right attitude to fit into your company’s culture. Bad attitudes and poor work ethic can bring down the morale of your other employees, making it harder for everyone to be happy.

  1. Train, train, and train again.

Provide your new employees with a quality, comprehensive initial training, and don’t stop there. Create an atmosphere of continuous learning, and allow your call center agents to expand their expertise. Employees who are confident in their skills will feel empowered to provide solutions and give quality care to your customers.

  1. Provide frequent feedback.

Don’t wait for an issue to arise to check in with your employees; give them feedback on their performance frequently. Whether it’s a pat on the back for a job well done or a chat about different ways to handling a sticky situation, this will give you an opportunity to see how your employees are doing and find out how you can help them grow within your organization, which leads us to…

  1. Recognize and celebrate excellent performance.

Create an environment that encourages and allows every employee to thrive, and celebrate them when they do. This can be done through incentives or bonuses, or even simple goal-setting. Employees who have long-term goals tend to be more invested in their work, and will have more of a reason to stay.

  1. Create a culture your employees love.

How can you better accommodate your employees? It could be something as simple as making sure that your office space is well-kept and keeping the break room fully stocked, or even offering flexible scheduling. Going above and beyond for your employees, even in small ways, demonstrates to them that they are valuable to the company.

High call center turnover doesn’t have to be the norm. With some creative thinking and a few mindset changes, you can create an atmosphere your employees love coming to every day, and ensure that your customers will be provided the highest level of care.