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Types of SMS Conversations for Business

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Communication with customers is one of the most important aspects of a successful business. The easier the business makes it for the customer to communicate with them, the more likely the customer is to participate. There are many ways companies can interact with their clients, but one of the easiest ways for the customer is via SMS messaging. Here are several ways your company can go about SMS messaging with a customer.

The simplest way to communicate with customers through SMS messaging is the one-way SMS.

With this form of messaging, the company is able to send out messages, reminders, or announcements to their customers, but the customer is unable to respond. For example, this form of messaging is ideal for doctor’s appointment or prescription reminders. However, there is no way for the company to confirm that the customer even received the message.

As technology becomes more advanced, so do the ways companies interact with their customers. In a two-way SMS, communication is still limited, but the customer is able to respond to the message sent by the company. Most of the interaction is based on a question and answer series, where the company’s message will tell the customer how to respond based on their needs. However, the customer is still interacting with an automated system through specific keywords.

Sometimes a customer’s requests can exceed the limitations of the automated service’s abilities. That is when the much more advanced conversational SMS comes into play. This form of messaging allows the customer to interact with a real, live individual representing the company. The representative is able to respond to the customer’s text message through their computer. The customer uses a five-digit number in place of a telephone number to connect with the representative. As a result, the representative is able to help a number of customers concurrently. Being able to interact with several customers at once, allows the representative to deliver a faster response.

Toll-free texting or 8YY texting is similar to conversational SMS, however, it is much more simple. 8YY texting allows customers to send texts to the company’s 1-800 number instead of generating a five-digit number per customer. The customer is still provided with a representative to assist them, but they are able to reach the representative in a much simpler way.

Some forms of SMS messaging are so advanced they eliminate the representative all together. This evolved system is called the chatbot. The chatbot is able to assist an endless number of customers with frequently asked questions, or enable them to subscribe to or end their business with the company. The chatbot is much more advanced that a simple automated system in that it can learn from each message it participates in. This is a great option for companies that experience high volumes of messages from customers.

Different types of companies will have different types of customers with different types of needs. The top priority of any company should be to meet the needs and demands of their customers. The type of messaging a company chooses, should be able to maintain the satisfaction of their customers.