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6 Ways to Still Enjoy the Holidays While Having to Work Through Them 

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There are many people who have to work through the holidays and even some that don’t get to participate at all. There are many reasons why people can’t take the day off for the winter festivities – perhaps they have a job that doesn’t offer holiday paid time off, or a business that gets incredibly busy this time of the year. Whatever the reason, there are ways to survive and still have a good time while working through the holidays. Read our six quick tips below. We hope this helps!

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Quick tips on how to enjoy the holidays while having to work

  1. Always remember why you do what you do. There is always something that motivates you to work or you would probably never show up, right? Is it because you have mouths to feed at home? Do you enjoy what you do and the exceptional service you offer your customers? No matter what reason it is, keep it at the forefront of your mind. When a friend or family member invites you over and you have to work, remind yourself why you do what you do.
  1. At EMS, we offer several ways for people to participate in fun holiday-related activities as a team. Getting involved at work is a great way not to miss out on the fun of the season. Does your work offer a Thanksgiving luncheon or a festive adult coloring contest? Participate in these things and you’ll find yourself appreciating both work and the holidays this year. If your company does not offer these things, you might consider asking your boss if you could start!
  1. Keep thinking about the paycheck! Sometimes it helps to calculate the exact dollar amount you will get after working through the holidays. Some companies offer special giveaways or bonuses when you work extra hours. Add up the total and use money to keep you motivated. Hard-earned money is always a great motivator!
  1. Take the time you have to appreciate and enjoy the holiday scents and sounds. While you are able, soak in the joys of the season. You can’t spend every waking moment at work, right? There has to be time to celebrate, even just a little. Take advantage of that time and appreciate every moment you can. This truly is a beautiful time of the year!
  1. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. If you find yourself with an overwhelming amount of work, try to remember that it won’t always be like this. The work load will shift eventually and there will be time to breath soon enough.
  1. Stay positive. Sometimes it is all about how you view the situation. Try to stay in a good mood and think about the positive aspects of your situation. It might help to think about the fact that you do have a job that you appreciate. Keep a good attitude and the situation won’t seem so bad.

Happy Holidays to all of you! We hope you have a great time and are able to find a nice work/life balance during this busy time of the year.