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Ways We Like to Show Employee Appreciation

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There are many ways to help you or your team appreciate their day at work. At EMS, we celebrate seasons, work holidays, recognize a job well done and show customers and employees we care. All of that starts with making the work environment comfortable and enjoyable.

Here are a few things we’ve recently done to celebrate Customer Service Week. We’d like to say, again, thank you for all that you do! We appreciate you.

Awesome Giveaways
We had piles of prizes for our employees. Don’t worry, all the gifts found a happy home.

job well done EMS

Company gifts

Generous Incentives
A recent incentive included employees who sold a hotel suite in September for one of our customers. Those employees were entered into a drawing to win two nights at at a Central Park hotel. One lucky individual took the prize and because the entire team achieved their overall revenue goal, each team member received $100.

company incentives

Luncheon Gifts
We like to offer delicious food and desserts to our rock star employees!

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EMS gives back


Cookout with employees

ems cookout

We love to encourage creative contests to allow our employees to show off their artistic side. Look at these beautiful coloring pages we received from our employees! Congratulations on winning.

happy fall

To our dedicated employees: From all of us at EMS, thank you for your hard work and commitment. We hope you enjoy what you do. If you ever have any contest or fun ideas to share, you know where to find us! Thanks again.