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4 Ways to Handle an Angry Caller

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It’s inevitable. As a call center representative, you will experience an angry caller once and again. The key is how you handle it. You’ve undoubtedly learned a few tips to have up your sleeve when you have these types of calls, but here are a few pointers to keep in mind. You might consider writing a few of these down. …

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10 Reasons Why We Love the Midwest

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There are many great things about Omaha and its surrounding Midwest states. We mean no disrespect to our fellow regions, but there’s just something about the heartland that makes us proud to be in our land-locked inhabitance. From the beautiful and variable sights to our four-seasoned lifestyle, we are proud to be Midwesterners through-and-through. Here are our top 10 reasons …

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Building Processes Around Our Customers’ Needs

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An important lesson we’ve learned over the years of having a successful customer service call center is to really listen to our customers. You probably hear that all of the time in the customer service world, but at EMS we take it to the next level by building our processes around our customer’s individual needs. How do we build our …

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6 Ways to Still Enjoy the Holidays While Having to Work Through Them 

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There are many people who have to work through the holidays and even some that don’t get to participate at all. There are many reasons why people can’t take the day off for the winter festivities – perhaps they have a job that doesn’t offer holiday paid time off, or a business that gets incredibly busy this time of the …

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Why Working in Customer Service is Great for Your Future

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Working in customer service is not always the easiest job to do, but it can build competence that people can carry with them for years to come. From accelerated training to superior people skills, many jobs in the customer service arena teach individuals things they may not learn elsewhere about work, people and life. It’s no surprise that many people …

Customer Loyalty Satisfaction Support Strategy Service Concept

4 Ways Customer Service Representatives Can Help Build Customer Loyalty

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There are many things that a good customer contact center strives for. It’s important to maintain positive relationships, strive for superior customer service, have happy customers and set all employees up for success – all while continuing to build upon customer loyalty. Each of these topics are commendable as individual goals, but they also work together as a team to …

job well done EMS

Ways We Like to Show Employee Appreciation

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There are many ways to help you or your team appreciate their day at work. At EMS, we celebrate seasons, work holidays, recognize a job well done and show customers and employees we care. All of that starts with making the work environment comfortable and enjoyable. Here are a few things we’ve recently done to celebrate Customer Service Week. We’d …

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How to Find Happiness in the Work Place

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What? Are you telling me that not everyone loves their job? No way! We simply can’t believe it. According to a 2014 report by the Conference Board, a New York-based nonprofit research group, 52.3% of people are unhappy at work. Over half of the people sitting at the office or working in the drive thru right now are not pleased …